Bidding Adieu to our celebrity HR – Anulekha Datta
Post by : Abdul Q Arafat at 4 May 2016

After much fan following, we bid a warm farewell to our ever-chirpy HR, Anulekha Datta!  Since for a couple of days, we’ve seen how eager was our dear Ma’am Datta to get her successor trained and ready for the challenges ahead. Coming back to where left, we were blessed to have our outgoing HR around […]

How retina ready technology boosts graphic designing? My experiences…
Post by : Bijoy Barman at 13 Nov 2015

Have you wondered how to make your images look stunningly cool at your websites? Ever faced a situation when your site doesn’t look so cool when viewing in devices that have Retina display?With the advent of technologies, there have been massive changes in ways technology serves people and the phrase “retina ready” is a burning […]

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day: The Day of Ultimate Fun
Post by : Anirban Rudra at 22 May 2015

The day we all wait for throughout the year, the day of ultimate fun, masti and recognition; is the day when Grmtech was born – Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the foundation day which falls on May19. Hello Guys! GRMTech just celebrated it’s 12th foundation day on May 19, 2015. And I, Anirban Rudra […]

5 Years at Grmtech – Whoa! Still can’t believe it!!!
Post by : Nandini De at 17 May 2015

I still remember my first day at Grmtech. And trust me – it was horrible. April 8, 2010 It was a hot and humid day and I was perspiring like hell. Not because of the rising temperature but because of sheer nervousness. It was my first day at my first job. Not a joke guys!!! […]

Star Performer for Q1 2015
Post by : Anulekha Datta at 15 May 2015

Grmtech proudly announces the Star Performers of the Quarter1, 2015. The way they have performed throughout the Quarter and have showed their hard-work, sincerity, perseverance and diligence, Grmtech appreciates their high level of proficiency in handling the task and craving for perfection in the task assigned to them. The award consists of a certificate and […]

My first experiment with infographic – Creator’s delight and a visual treat
Post by : Nandini De at 20 Apr 2015

Who thought that a simple content developer can create a visual content as well? Not me at least. After all, I always belonged to that group who believes: “Content developers create an imaginary world with words and graphic designers play with images to put words into life”. But not anymore!! Grmtech broke, thrashed and dumped […]

Star performers of Quarter I and Quarter II, 2013
Post by : sbkburnwal at 4 Oct 2013

Continuing with the tradition of rewarding its employees for their most commendable performance, GrmTech has once again selected some of its best performers for both Quarter I and Quarter II, 2013. These outstanding performers have been rewarded with a gift check of Rs 2000/- as well as with a “Certificate of Honor”. Star Performers for […]

Presentation for recruitment in FC and CRA position
Post by : BlogGrmTech at 2 Jun 2011
Star Performer for Q4 2010 and Q1 2011
Post by : saurav at 12 May 2011

Grmtech has chosen 4 of its employees for the ‘Star Performer Award’ for the Q4 2010 and Q1 2011. Their hard work and sincere dedication towards work have been rewarded with a cash prize of Rs.1000 along with a Certificate. Star Performer for Q4 2010 Name : Bikash Barman Team : Technical Bikash Barman, the […]

Always wear Helmets while riding a motorcycle
Post by : saurav at 18 Dec 2010


Vishwakarma Puja in Grmtech
Post by : BlogGrmTech at 20 Sep 2010

It is the first time that Vishwakarma Puja is celebrated in Grmtech. The initiative was taken by 2 of our technical team employees, Tanmoy Das and Bikash Barman. They organized the puja on the terrace and a priest was arranged for the same. We all had a lot of fun and every Grmtechian helped in […]

Prof. Janat Shah joins our Board of Directors
Post by : Karobi at 27 Jul 2010

As one of the first steps to going public from being a Private Ltd company, we wanted a good BOD. Our CEO Mr.Vkas Kedia had requested Prof Janat Shah, IIM Bengaluru, to join our BOD. He is presently a professor at IIM Bengaluru. He has also been the joint Managing Director at Jaydeep Engineering Ltd […]

Star Performer in Q2 of 2010
Post by : Karobi at 27 Jul 2010

Grmtech has introduced to give away the ‘Star Performer Award’ to its employees who have excelled in their field in this particular quarter. This time 5 of the employees from different fields have been felicitated with this award and a cash prize of Rs.1000 Name : Madhurima Ghosh Purkayasta Team : Content Writing She was […]

Sysadmin Department At A Glance
Post by : Raja Gupta at 8 Oct 2009

Introducing… The new monitoring system in the Sys Admin Department. Four consecutive monitors with the advance monitoring tools are fully loaded to provide the best monitoring service to the tech team. The monitoring system includes- 1. Smokeping Network Analyzer tool that monitors the VOIP Phones, Workstations, Network Switches and the Internet Sharing Servers and represent […]

Manually start asterisk using asterisk user
Post by : amit at 3 Sep 2009

Generally we configure asterisk to auto run on system start up. There may be situations when we may be required to run asterisk manually like when asterisk is overloaded or when asterisk is down for some maintenance. If so happens, always start asterisk from asterisk user:- #su asterisk #asterisk We should not use any custom […]

Auto update call recording settings to all extensions in asterisk-freepbx
Post by : amit at 1 Jul 2009

I have 150 extensions in my asterisk-freepbx setup, which are broadly divided into following two classes :- Record Incoming Call On Demand. Record Outgoing Call On Demand Extensions in this class:  8001, 8002, 8003, 8004, 8005 (total 5 in number) Record All Incoming Call. Record All Outgoing Call Extensions in this class:  9001, 9002, … […]

GRMTECH’s 7th Foundation Day
Post by : smita at 19 May 2009

We celebrated our 7th Foundation day today. We played some fun games and it was a real eventful evening. Cake 7th Foundation Day Canvas

Kaizen at work at co.grmtech
Post by : amit at 21 Mar 2009

At the datacenter the “IP KVM Virtual USB drive” wire was black and so were the power cables going into each of the servers. We replaced the black wire with a red wire. Now when we call remote hands to put the red wire labeled “IP KVM Virtual USB drive” to the USB port on […]

Better cable organization at ao.grmtech workstations
Post by : Raja Gupta at 2 Mar 2009

      The cables have been organized using “Velcro tie wrap” to avoid tampering of the cables accidentally.

New server in Chicago for the east coast traffic
Post by : amit at 22 Feb 2009

On this server the operating system is installed on the 8GB compact flash card. So that the 10 hard drives of 1 TB each can be dedicated just to store the data in Raid1 and LVM on top of it. Some of the things we are doing to install the OS on the flash card: […]

If only I was given the right to lead this place then this place would run so much better
Post by : amit at 21 Feb 2009

Its surprising how many of us think this. This is a must read for all grmtech colleagues:

Open display station at ao.grmtech
Post by : prabhat at 18 Feb 2009
GRMTECH Wallpaper – Denim finish
Post by : kundan at 13 Feb 2009

*works best with wide screen monitors buy inflatable dora the explorer

Tata Indicom port restriction of 512 Kbps on Cisco 2950
Post by : amit at 13 Feb 2009

The ISP has a black cable that is the input to the box made by “Mc Mans tel”. Here is a picture showing the manufacturer of the box. Here is the picture showing the cable flow in and out of the “Mc Mans tel” box From this black box made by McManstel there are two […]

A brief intro to SVN
Post by : shyama at 6 Feb 2009

SVN is acronym as Subversion, a version control system. It lets several developers work on the same project at once without worrying about overwriting each other’s changes, and keeps track of previous versions of files. It is used to maintain the revisions of files such as source code, web pages and documentation. It is commonly […]

Zabbix configuration at CO office of Grmtech
Post by : amit at 27 Jan 2009

Zabbix is a distributed monitoring solution to monitor servers and applications of an enterprise. Following are the steps of configuration of Zabbix Server at Grmtech’s CO office monitoring server:- 1. Download zabbix source files. cd /usr/src/ wget tar -xzf /usr/src/zabbix-1.6.2.tar.gz -C /gt/fsrvthis/ 2. Create zabbix database and import the database structure, default templates and […]

New server c1b1 at our Fremont California data center
Post by : prabhat at 22 Jan 2009

Due to heavy traffic our old database server is not able to handle the load so we have deployed a new server, its hardware configuration is : 2 Quad core processors: Intel Xeon Quad-Core L5420 2.5GHz 1333MHz 12MB LGA771 CPU 32 GB of RAM (getting upgraded to 64 GB of RAM) 6 TB of Hard […]

Infrastructural Facilities – Drawers
Post by : hardeep at 13 Jan 2009
Building a robust Linux Server
Post by : prabhat at 5 Jan 2009

Building a robust Linux Server Linux is known to be robust but here are few things that you can do to enhance this feature. RAID LVM RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) RAID is use to achieve greater levels of performance, availability and reliability. It works on the concept of storing duplicating data or information […]

WinXP guest os deployment on ESXi or VMware workstation
Post by : amit at 5 Jan 2009

Steps for fresh Windows XP installation on a Virtual machines. Preparation LSI storage controller drivers are not available on the Windows XP installation CD, so complete the following preparation before installation: 1. Download the LSI 53C1030 drivers from the LSI Web site. 2. Using MagicISO or other third-party solutions, create a .flp image containing the […]

GRMTECH Infrastructure at ‘ao’ office
Post by : prabhat at 2 Jan 2009

Our server room Our conference room     Sys admin’s room Our workstations

Mysql master-master database replication
Post by : amit at 30 Dec 2008

Master-Master replication: Two database systems at two different locations can be configured to run in synchronization with each other using Mysql Master-Master replication. Any changes on DB1 at Loc1 can be updated at realtime on DB2 at Loc2 and vice versa using Mysql’s built in replication feature. Following are steps used to setup a Master-Slave […]

Network Load Balancing Technical Overview
Post by : Raja Gupta at 22 Dec 2008

Target : We have seven ISS running on multiple servers to provide a better internet connectivity and an ISS routing interface to manually manage the network traffic load by shifting users from one ISS to another one.This article is published to motivate the concept of automatic Network Load Balancing and Traffic Routing to provide a […]

Video monitoring system at ao.grmtech
Post by : prabhat at 17 Dec 2008

Video monitoring  system at ao.grmtech Grmtech is equipped with the latest Video Monitoring Sytem that can record activities and sound in real time. Our infrastructure enables us to make use of remote online surveillance for raising the performance of the company and make the best use of it’s resources.

DansGuardian virtual appliance on CentOS
Post by : amit at 12 Dec 2008

Here is a VMware virtual appliance for DansGuardian on CentOS 5.2 The virtual appliance is composed of: * CentOS 5.2 * VMware Tools * Squid 3 * DansGuardian Click on below links to download the virtual appliance. 1. centos-dansguardian-virtualappliance.vmx 2. centos-dansguardian-virtualappliance.vmdk You can use this virtual appliance to do things like: 1. Do phrase matching, […]

Google ranking strategies 2009 – Some tidbits
Post by : Debashis at 10 Dec 2008

Google has the maximum search market share accounting for over 69% (according to 2008 stats) from other competitors. This is because Google has never compromised with quality while presenting search results to their visitors. An effort has always been there from Google’s side to find out the best possible search for any given topic. Nowadays, […]

Our Datacenter
Post by : prabhat at 2 Dec 2008

We have a world class datacenter build on latest hardware and software technologies. Some of the latest technologies that we use in our datacenter are IP-KVM, IP Camera, Smooth Wall Firewall. Our datacenter is already equipped with:- HVAC Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Servers   IP KVM and USB KVM SWITCHES Power Management Are you […]

Office Picnic
Post by : smita at 1 Dec 2008

The 29th of November 2008, started with a beautiful morning. All the Grmtechians set out to Narendrapur, at Select House for a great picnic!!! The farm house was awesome, small but done very well. It had a cozy ambiance and a lot of greenery around. The day was packed with fun, masti and enthusiasm. We […]

Are you aware of rel=”nofollow” links
Post by : BlogGrmTech at 24 Nov 2008

rel is a  link attribute and setting its value to no follow tells search engines that certain links on your webpage should not be followed or more importantly should not pass your web page’s hard earned reputation. <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>test</a> This can generally be very useful when you have a blog or other areas where […]

Desktop publishing vs Application Publishing
Post by : amit at 24 Nov 2008

Desktop publishing is when you want to give more freedom. Desktop publishing is of two types: 1. Thin client – The desktop is running from the server and only the display is happening on the client. 2. Thick Client – The desktop and its display is running on the client. Software we use at Grmtech […]

Boot Up Windows XP Faster Than Ever
Post by : Raja Gupta at 15 Nov 2008

Hello Everybody ! The delay in start-up time of operating system is quite a normal thing that we often see in our office or at home. After a fresh installation, the OS works fine and faster but as we install more softwares and the deposition of temporary files increases (other factors are also included), we […]

Search Engine Ranking – Few highly effective areas
Post by : Debashis at 11 Nov 2008

There is a strange battle going on between the two groups – Search Engines and Websites. Major Search Engines (SEs), like Google or Yahoo have been very sticky and impartial when ranking a website in their search results. It has to be, because if SEs can’t satisfy its visitors through search results, visitors will just […]

Want to make your website faster?
Post by : BlogGrmTech at 8 Nov 2008

Do you like to wait for a website to load? No and neither do your visitor like it. Here are some tips that will help you make your website faster Use Divs instead of Tables for your website layout If you have a table based layout, then nothing will appear in the browser until the […]

Desktop configuration at Grmtech
Post by : amit at 6 Nov 2008

The configuration of the software image: OS: Win XP Pro with SP3 Organization of the Start->All Programs menu 1. Accessories -> Windows Standard accessories 2. Start up -> Use run->msconfig->startup to make sure that ONLY the following two softwares are getting loaded during start up: a. spark b. Norton Anti Virus 2009 3. Communication -> […]

Virtualizing the desktops to reduce the total cost of ownership.
Post by : amit at 4 Nov 2008

Objective: Manage the desktops better. More explained in Current scenario: 60 desktops with roaming profile. These desktops have been installed using Norton ghost images. Future scenario: Being able to maintain one image copy that is installed on all the 60 desktops and can be synchronized each week end. So that on each week end every […]

Portable Personal OS in Your Pocket
Post by : Gaurab BASU at 28 Oct 2008

I liked the “roaming desktop” strategy very much basically for its flexibility.  It allows end-users to access their desktop just as they left it, improving work-flow and maintaining a consistent and familiar working environment. But this is possible within a server, connected through local area network. Wouldn’t it have been great, if we can access […]

Internet marketing – a new challenge altogether
Post by : Debashis at 27 Oct 2008

Now a days Internet has become one of the popular and effective ways of marketing. Every company, big or small, Govt. body, social welfare organizations etc. are creating their web presence by making websites. Individuals are also communicating through various networking sites, maintaining blogs – so internet has become a part and parcel of our […]

New GRMTECH Wallpaper!
Post by : kundan at 26 Oct 2008

Download the new GRMTECH wallpaper (click here to enlarge) Inflatable Obstacle

The recent stock market depression
Post by : Sudipto at 24 Oct 2008

The Stock markets all over the world has recently undergone a depression from the beginning of the year 08. The reason for this is obvious. The first reason for this is the recent US slowdown due to sub-prime lending which has given a big blow, as most of the Foreign Institutional Investment (FII) comes from […]

Grmtech website gets a facelift
Post by : Dhritidipa at 23 Oct 2008

Grmtech’s website recently got a face lift and it will not be wrong to say that the website is looking much better. It took a lot of planning, patience and perseverance to take the website renovation to completion. Although we devoted a lot of time for the website but it was worth it. It was […]