Bidding Adieu to our celebrity HR – Anulekha Datta


After much fan following, we bid a warm farewell to our ever-chirpy HR, Anulekha Datta

Since for a couple of days, we’ve seen how eager was our dear Ma’am Datta to get her successor trained and ready for the challenges ahead.

Coming back to where left, we were blessed to have our outgoing HR around for full four years since March 2, 2012 till April 30, 2016.


Her role as an HR was simply energetic and trendsetting here at GRMTECH.

First, amongst many things that she introduced, one that particularly commands a mention is the – Personality and Popularity Test. It brought out the sentiments we as employees have for each other and the outlook we’ve build for ourselves over the years.

Second, her hysterical self would come to the fore, if we procrastinated in getting to the terrace for birthday celebrations. This increased the participation by manifold times – a feat not achieved by other HRs.

Third, GRMTECH’s senior management along with her active support revamped the way we would celebrate our Founder’s Day.


As far as her farewell party is concerned, though it was kept a low-key affair yet it wasn’t less than any gala event of the day.

There were speeches by the esteemed HR by herself speaking of all the good and the bad moments she’d carry all her life.

Besides few words of wisdom from our very own Projects Manager (aka counsellor), Mr. Manojit Dey.

Both the speeches and the cake cutting ceremony was followed by special gifts for the beloved HR.


Soon after that there was full-blown ecstatic performances by our very own Arijit Singhs, – Anirban Rudra and Mainak Banerjee as well as our indigenous Shreya Ghoshal – Papri Pal Naskar. (Your songs were a delightful treat for the HR and all of us – Thank you guys!)


It was wacky of an HR Datta to ceremoniously hand over her cabin’s keys to her successor. And we are equally glad to welcome her protege, Ms. Tulika Modak.


Nevertheless, it reminded us of once a popular TV soap ‘Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ which was quite wittingly converted to as – Kyuki Anulekha bhi kabhi HR thi.


Like every good thing must end to allow the next to happen, so must our farewell party for HR Anulekha Datta. A big round of applause for the lady in shining armor. We wish you all the best for your all your future endeavors.

Lastly, GRMTECH says ‘Thank you’.

[Picture courtesy: Sourav Dhara , Tanmoy Jana and Sanjay Singh]


How retina ready technology boosts graphic designing? My experiences…

Have you wondered how to make your images look stunningly cool at your websites? Ever faced a situation when your site doesn’t look so cool when viewing in devices that have Retina display?With the advent of technologies, there have been massive changes in ways technology serves people and the phrase “retina ready” is a burning topic among designers around the globe. Before delving deep to know what is Retina Ready technology, it’s important to understand why this technology came into existence. Images play a pivotal role when it comes to web designing or when you are willing to convey a message to your audience through your blogs. Images are a powerful tool to convey messages in a much attractive manner as well as being concise in nature. Thus, such technology came into existence to enhance the visual experience of images even at low bandwidth.

This technology actually involves a higher resolution DPI screen and the functionality behind is that Retina devices will display everything at twice the actual size. For instance, a background image with 600x300px in normal display will display properly at 1200*600px. So all you need to do is create a higher resolution of images that you are using for your background image or images for your blog or content. You need not worry about texts as they would work fine on any devices. Now, the question is why double the resolution? If you open a site in Ipad or Macbook Pro, with a resolution of 2048*1536, taking into consideration the device size being 9.7 inches, you will see that your native resolution image will appear only at a part of the screen with a huge area empty. Thus, the easy solution being doubling the native resolution. However, not all devices are retina ready and hence we need to be selective as to showcase the different resolution of images at respective devices. Hence, the usage of a javascript known as retina.js.

As a designer at Grmtech, I work on the open source software Gimp. I recently did my part of experimentation, by creating a graphics of two different resolutions. If you are working with images that are free to use commercially, then you must look for higher resolution images and then create another version which is half the pixels of that image. After I created both the native resolution and higher resolution images, I delivered both the images to our Tech guy and my pal Sanjay Saha to execute the remaining part where javascript is involved. For those, who are working on WordPress 3.5, it’s a relief that they have provided a built in retina support.

Have you created a retina ready site? Feel free to share your experience.

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day: The Day of Ultimate Fun

The day we all wait for throughout the year, the day of ultimate fun, masti and recognition; is the day when Grmtech was born – Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the foundation day which falls on May19.

Hello Guys! GRMTech just celebrated it’s 12th foundation day on May 19, 2015. And I, Anirban Rudra is here to give you a glimpse of that day through this post. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy just like we have on that day.

One week before the Foundation DayThe preparation for the D-day had already begun almost a week ago. All the employees were equally thrilled and puzzled (this is because we had no idea about the sumptuous menu ready to be gobbled :P). Anyway, the first surprise came from our HR (Anulekha Dutta) when she mentioned the dress code for the grand occasion i.e. Saree for Girls and Kurta Pajama for Boys. A special gift had been arranged for the best dressed Man and Woman which ultimately went to Tanmoy Das and Papri Naskar. Few employees were confused like Madhurima – “Ami to jibon-e saree porini or Eqbal Are mere paas pajama to hai, lekin kurta ab kaha se lauu. I also do not wear Kurta-Pajama but I really liked the idea alongwith others.

19th May, 8:30am -When I entered into the office, the whole atmosphere was different. All were in a happy mood, decorating the office with balloons, flowers and placards. We were supposed to work in the fast 2-3 hours but we were so busy in other things that we forgot to log in our computers. 😛 We were practicing our songs for the program and others were busy in photo session, especially the Girls (Ugh).

Time: 11:26am
We were requested by Anulekha Dutta to go to the conference room. The room was filled with mouthwatering aromas of yummy snacks – Spicy Chicken Pakodas and tangy Aam Panna. They were simply the best. Both were awesome. We all got full with pokodas and drinks. It was really a pleasant surprise.

Time: 12:30pm
We were gossiping, playing and rehearsing here and there as there was no RULE for that day. Manojit Sir was in a happy mood and he also participated in everything with us. He was cheering and encouraging us in every way.

Time 2:00pm
Lunch was finally served and the menu was delicious. We had Masala Kulcha, Paneer butter Masala, Salad, Sahi Pulao, Chicken Rezala, Chutney, Papad, Rasgulla and Gulab Jamun. People were eating like anything including me. Bijoy and Pradip Da were the best performers at the lunch table. We were so full that we could not even walk properly. Thanks Tanmoy Das and Samir Ghosh.

Time 3:30pm
We all gathered at the rooftop for the annual day program. The program started with a wonderful speech of our HR. Anulekha Dutta. The cake was like Wow!!!, it was so pretty and tasty (full of butter). We all were full but could not resist to eat more and more.

Time 4:00pm – This was when we all wait throughout the year. It’s the ceremony to award the best employees in respective department.

  • Nandini De got the first award for her exemplary contribution in the content department.
  • Sourav Dhara was awarded for his commendable contribution in the designing department.
  • Anulekha Datta got an award for the best performer in leadership & Management.
  • I (Anirban Rudra) was blessed with an award for my performance in marketing team as well (too happy).
  • We honoured Mr. Manojit Dey for his contribution to the company for the last Ten years too. Congrats Sir!
  • Moynuddin Mondol got the award in the infrastructure department for completing Newtown project successfully.
  • Mulpuri Tulasi Renuka was voted as the best performer in Spalgo Tech department.
  • Tanmoy Jana was acknowledged as the best and consistent performer in the Tech & System Dept
Time 5:00pm
The cultural program began with a chorus song, then followed by some superb performances of Saptak, Papri and Samir da. Then there a sweet recitation by Mimi Paul. By the way, she had written the poem on her own. I also tried my voice in the microphone and as per the audience, it was pretty good. Thereafter, we (Anirban Ghosh, Saptak Bhattacharya, Bijoy Barman and me) presented a Shruti Natak, written by our beloved Samir Da.

Time 6:30pm
There was a magic show from Suvankar, simply amazing. We were stunned and mesmerized.

Time 7:00pm
The day ended at a happy note – all the employees got a company T-shirt.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, it was almost 7 in the evening, so we had to finish up the program finally. A memorable day ends up with some sweet memories that hopefully will help us to work for another 364 days.

Double celebration. Double treat

That was not all. The celebration had just begun. The first leg of celebration was over. Now it was time for the night-shift to savor the taste of ultimate fun. Tasty snacks and dinner were served. The cake cutting ceremony was held too. And as per what I have heard, not a single piece of cake was left. 😛 Great guys!!!

Best performers in the respective department were awarded with SkyBag backpack and a certificate.


N.B.: A special thanks to Vikas Sir, Vivek Sir and Rachna Mam for gifting us such a wonderful day. Last but not least, A BIG thanks to Tanmoy da (Our System Administrator), Samir da (Our Facility Manager) and Anulekha Mam (Our HR Manager) for arranging everything so well.

5 Years at Grmtech – Whoa! Still can’t believe it!!!

I still remember my first day at Grmtech. And trust me – it was horrible.

April 8, 2010

It was a hot and humid day and I was perspiring like hell. Not because of the rising temperature but because of sheer nervousness. It was my first day at my first job. Not a joke guys!!! Anyway, after completing the formalities, I was ushered into the conference room. I was asked to sit there for a few minutes before getting introduced to the content team. But that minutes turned to hours and it was not before 4pm when I was finally reached upstairs and met the content team.

I was already exhausted and sleepy by then. Actually, I had already slept for an hour or two in the dark conference room. There was a huge power cut and there was no electricity throughout the day. I was dead bored and didn’t know what else to do. :P.- Anyway, by the time I reached upstairs, 80% of the working hours was already over. I was shown my workstation and then given a pile of papers to read and within an hour or two, the day was over.

Frankly speaking, I hated my first day at Grmtech. So much so that after I returned home, I told my parents that I was not going back there. I hated the whole experience. My parents listened, consoled and suggested to continue there for at least 6 months to gather experience.

April 9, 2010 onwards …

It was a nightmare for me but still I went there. The next day was not that bad. It was better than the previous day. I survived.

Next few months were excruciating. It was like I have gone back to SCHOOL. Studies, tests and writing. There was not a moment to lose, breathe or gossip. Everyday, I used to think when the office would be over. More than that, when I could go out of that office. I was determined to leave that office before the dreaded 6 months.

Six months went and gone. In fact, 60 months have come and gone and I’m still here – at Grmtech. And I’m absolutely loving it.

Grmtech – A wonderful place to learn new things

I don’t know when I got emotionally attached to Grmtech. I really don’t know. May be the homely atmosphere, wonderful and notorious colleagues brought it close to my heart. And after spending 5 years here, I can at least say one thing – this is an amazing place to learn new things and make friends.

Yes, Grmtech taught me a lot of things. From framing a proper official mail to developing content on various financial topics to creating infographics – Grmtech has really done a lot for me. It was here where I learnt writing financial articles and that too SEO based. That was not all, I learnt writing content in various formats – video scripts, blogs, podcasts, infographics, reviews, how to articles, interviews, comic skits, FAQ, etc. Special mention must be made of Susmita Ghosh, who taught me how to be an independent content writer. She ushered me into the SEO world through digital content and then let me explore it as much I could. The other person who guided me to experiment with different content formats is Mr. Manojit Dey. Thanks Sir for helping me.

That is not all. Apart from learning the various dynamics of content development, Grmtech taught me another skill and that is how to manage team and be a graceful professional. The learning process has just begun and I’m enjoying each and every part of it.

Last one year

Many people have come and bid adieu to Grmtech. I have learned something or the other from each and everyone. Each one had an unique quality which always inspired me.

I miss my team – the full-fledged content team. The hullaballoos, competition, gossips, everything. But then life goes on and people move on. But I wish each and everyone the very best in life.

Several things have changed in this one year. Teams have been reshuffled , new work style has been adopted and everyone is geared up. This is a new phase for all of us. Hopefully, our hard work will soon bring fruitful results.

Last 5 years

The journey has been amazing – from being a content writer trainee to a digital content writer cum trainer. There were ups and downs, confrontations and accolades, anxieties and hearty laughter. I have enjoyed each and everything. And I hope Grmtech would give me many more special moments to cherish and enjoy.

Star Performer for Q1 2015

Grmtech proudly announces the Star Performers of the Quarter1, 2015. The way they have performed throughout the Quarter and have showed their hard-work, sincerity, perseverance and diligence, Grmtech appreciates their high level of proficiency in handling the task and craving for perfection in the task assigned to them. The award consists of a certificate and a cash amount of Rs. 1000 which is a token of appreciation of your exemplary work.

Star Performer for Q1 2015

Name : Nandini De
Team : Content Department
Name : Md. Eqbal Ahmed
Team : Design Cum Technical department
Name : Anirban Rudra
Team : Marketing Department

My first experiment with infographic – Creator’s delight and a visual treat

Who thought that a simple content developer can create a visual content as well? Not me at least. After all, I always belonged to that group who believes:

“Content developers create an imaginary world with words and graphic designers play with images to put words into life”.

But not anymore!! Grmtech broke, thrashed and dumped my idea into dustbin. And thank god for that. I finally turned into a ‘puchku’ graphic designer. 😛 I mean I would always love to think like that. (lol)

My first stint with infographic

Never even in my wildest dreams did I ever think that one day I will create an infographic – and that too on my own. But, a fellow Grmtechian (Saptak Bhattacharya) made it possible for me and I would always be grateful to him. Thanks Saptak!!! You made me realize that technology and little innovation can create magical things. 🙂

He showed me a tool where anyone can create professional and visually appealing infographics, presentations, web banners, reports and resumes within a few hours. Initially, when he gave a demo, I watched and thought silently -” Can I ever create an infographic using this tool? It looks simple but simple things often turn out to be the toughest challenges you ever come across. Eerk!!!”. But inspite of my hesitations, I decided to give it a try as it intrigued me.

My first stint with infographic was on Easter celebration. Once I was done with my research, I created my account in that amazing website ( and then embarked on my journey towards creating a visual content. The online tool is really good. You get plenty of options to choose the type of visual content you want to create. Once you select your preferred option (mine was infographic), then you’ll get tons of assets at your fingertips to bring ideas into life. You can add and edit text, shapes, images, charts, videos, music and what not. The free version will give you all the options apart from the videos and music. Nonetheless, the other options are enough to complete your work.

I won’t lie. Initially, I faltered, did mistakes and got confused. But Manojit Sir and Saptak encouraged me a lot. And after a few hours of editing, correcting my mistakes, I was finally able to finish the infographic.

Few words I must say

This infographic taught me 2 things. First, it taught me how to conceptualize and create visual content. Secondly, it increased my respect for the graphic designers. The work they do is really marvellous. What I made was a basic infographic (and that too with a help of tools and various features) and what they do is put their imaginative powers into work and create beautiful visual content from scratch. Hats off!!!

Fellow grmtechians – I have only one thing to say. Try it if you’re interested. My experience was amazing. Hope you’d have even a better experience.

Star performers of Quarter I and Quarter II, 2013

Continuing with the tradition of rewarding its employees for their most commendable performance, GrmTech has once again selected some of its best performers for both Quarter I and Quarter II, 2013. These outstanding performers have been rewarded with a gift check of Rs 2000/- as well as with a “Certificate of Honor”.

Star Performers for Quarter I, 2013:


IMG_1144Name: Bikash Burnwal

Team: Social Media Marketing

Bikash Burnwal has been declared a ‘Star Performer’ from the social media marketing team for all his innovative ideas and immense contribution to boost the online brand presence of our main websites –, &


silajit_1338783497Name: Silajit Kumar Samal

Team: Technical

Silajit Kr Samal’s forte lies in dealing with issues (read: bugs) in both our SCRM and CRM. He has lent his expertise with a wide variety of programming languages to make it easier for us to work and track our performance.


465889_515133931880852_2101528812_o copyName: Sudip Banerjee

Team: Internet Marketing

Sudip Banerjee has been performing very well in his team consistently. He has that unique ability to turn every adversity into a lucrative opportunity and stay calm even during severe hardship.


Star performers for Quarter II, 2013:


aqaName: Abdul Quadir Arafat

Team: Content

From an ex-IMA to becoming a Star performer for the second time, Abdul has proved that there is no substitute for hard work.


170Name: Niladri Ghoshal

Team: Technical

Niladri Ghoshal is our Star programmer whose enthusiasm never seems to die. He embraces every challenge, thrown at him with a smile and with rock-solid determination to come out of it victorious.



Vadyabash_1279782169Name: Rohit Kumar Mondal & Vedabyas Mandal

Team: Internet marketing

Rohit Kr Mondal is our link analyst for the OVLG IMA team. He is one of those rare employees who has always stood firm in his commitment to perform his best both in terms of quality as well as quantity. Our very own Vedabyas Mandal is the link analyst for the DebtCC IMA team. His service to our organization is incredible. Both Rohit and Vedabyas rose from the ranks of IMA to work in their respective leadership positions of great importance.

So, on behalf of our entire GrmTech family, we congratulate and wish our “Stars” of GrmTech the best for all their future assignments.

Star Performer for Q4 2010 and Q1 2011

Grmtech has chosen 4 of its employees for the ‘Star Performer Award’ for the Q4 2010 and Q1 2011. Their hard work and sincere dedication towards work have been rewarded with a cash prize of Rs.1000 along with a Certificate.

Star Performer for Q4 2010
Name : Bikash Barman
Team : Technical
Bikash Barman, the backbone of our Tech Team, has been chosen as the Best performer for developing useful applications and guiding new joinees.
Name : Sukanya Paul
Team : Content and Forum
She was declared as the Best performer in Content Development Team for her high quality postings in forums and building communities.
Star Performer for Q1 2011
Name : Ramakrushna Giri
Team : Web Designer
He has been chosen as the Best performer for coming up with innovative ideas such as CSS Sprite Concept Techniques, etc. Its implementation has certainly brought a whole new dimension to our websites
Name : Madhurima Ghosh Purkayasta
Team : Content Writing
She was declared as the Best performer in Content Development Team not only for the quality content articles which she wrote for good bloggers, but also for training new joinees.