Grmtech Overview

Great Media Technologies Pvt Ltd (Grmtech) was founded by Vivek Kedia in May, 2003. Its a Kolkata based software and web development company offering SEO and web development services to consumers worldwide.

Unlike many SEO companies, we manage our in-house projects, build up web communities and use web marketing strategies to promote our products and services. With an active registered user base of more than 540,706 people, our web development services are very popular and an example of a successful web 2.0 company company.

We have built a core expertise in web development, producing user-friendly content, building a powerful system support and making a worldwide online web presence.

Grmtech is a Kolkata based STPI unit and runs on 3 principles:


Kaizen philosophy

We believe and work on the basis of Kaizen philosophy where ‘kai’ stands for literal change and ‘zen’ means ‘to become good’. It’s main founding elements are teamwork, personal discipline, quality circle and improvement suggestions.


Key statistics

We work on the basis of 2 main factors - statistics and results. Statistics are developed on the basis of the past performance data. We analyze this data and then take steps to achieve our goals and a better success graph.


Outcomes theory

We believe in a performance or outcome based management system where focus is given to identifying, measuring, prioritizing and holding parties to account for any kind of outcomes. We strive hard to bring better outcome with time.

“ We strive to be the world’s best in our area of expertise ”

Vivek Kedia

Technologies inspiring Grmtech

" All this modern technology just makes Grmtechians try to do everything at once for you "


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