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Post by: Gaurab BASU
Authored On: 28 October, 2008
I liked the “roaming desktop” strategy very much basically for its flexibility.  It allows end-users to access their desktop just as they left it, improving work-flow and maintaining a consistent and familiar working environment.But this is possible…
Post by: Debashis Roy
Authored On: 27 October, 2008
Now a days Internet has become one of the popular and effective ways of marketing. Every company, big or small, Govt. body, social welfare organizations etc. are creating their web presence by making websites. Individuals are also communicating…
Post by: Kundan
Authored On: 26 October, 2008
Download the new GRMTECH wallpaper(click here to enlarge)Inflatable Obstacle
Authored On: 24 October, 2008
The Stock markets all over the world has recently undergone a depression from the beginning of the year 08. The reason for this is obvious. The first reason for this is the recent US slowdown due to sub-prime lending which has given a big blow, as…
Authored On: 23 October, 2008
Grmtech’s website recently got a face lift and it will not be wrong to say that the website is looking much better. It took a lot of planning, patience and perseverance to take the website renovation to completion. Although we devoted a lot of time…
Post by: Raja Gupta
Authored On: 22 September, 2008
Target : We have seven ISS running on multiple servers to provide a better internet connectivity and an ISS routing interface to manually manage the network traffic load by shifting users from one ISS to another one.This article is published to…