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Post by: Raja Gupta
Authored On: 8 October, 2009
Introducing...The new monitoring system in the Sys Admin Department. Four consecutive monitors with the advance monitoring tools are fully loaded to provide the best monitoring service to the tech team. The monitoring system includes-Smokeping…
Post by: amit
Authored On: 3 September, 2009
Generally we configure asterisk to auto run on system start up. There may be situations when we may be required to run asterisk manually like when asterisk is overloaded or when asterisk is down for some maintenance.If so happens, always start…
Post by: amit
Authored On: 1 July, 2009
I have 150 extensions in my asterisk-freepbx setup, which are broadly divided into following two classes :-Record Incoming Call On Demand. Record Outgoing Call On DemandExtensions in this class:  8001, 8002, 8003, 8004, 8005 (total 5 in number)…
Post by: Smita
Authored On: 19 May, 2009
We celebrated our 7th Foundation day today. We played some fun games and it was a real eventful evening.  
Post by: amit
Authored On: 21 March, 2009
 At the datacenter the “IP KVM Virtual USB drive” wire was black and so were the power cables going into each of the servers.We replaced the black wire with a red wire.Now when we call remote hands to put the red wire labeled “IP KVM Virtual USB…
Post by: Raja Gupta
Authored On: 2 March, 2009
The cables have been organized using "Velcro tie wrap" to avoid tampering of the cables accidentally.
Post by: amit
Authored On: 21 February, 2009
Its surprising how many of us think this.This is a must read for all grmtech colleagues:
Post by: prabhat
Authored On: 18 February, 2009
Post by: amit
Authored On: 14 February, 2009
Post by: Kundan
Authored On: 13 February, 2009
GRMTECH Wallpaper – Denim Finish*works best with wide screen monitorsbuy inflatable dora the explorer
Post by: amit
Authored On: 13 February, 2009
The ISP has a black cable that is the input to the box made by “Mc Mans tel”. Here is a picture showing the manufacturer of the box.Here is the picture showing the cable flow in and out of the “Mc Mans tel” boxFrom this black box made by McManstel…
Post by: shyama kant
Authored On: 8 February, 2009
SVN is acronym as Subversion, a version control system. It lets several developers work on the same project at once without worrying about overwriting each other’s changes, and keeps track of previous versions of files. It is used to maintain the…
Post by: amit
Authored On: 27 January, 2009
Zabbix is a distributed monitoring solution to monitor servers and applications of an enterprise.Following are the steps of configuration of Zabbix Server at Grmtech’s CO office monitoring server:-1. Download zabbix source /usr/src/wget…
Post by: prabhat
Authored On: 22 January, 2009
Due to heavy traffic our old database server is not able to handle the load so we have deployed a new server, its hardware configuration is :2 Quad core processors: Intel Xeon Quad-Core L5420 2.5GHz 1333MHz 12MB LGA771 CPU32 GB of RAM (getting…
Post by: hardeep
Authored On: 13 January, 2009
Drawers with each workstations