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Great Media Technologies Pvt Ltd (Grmtech) is a Kolkata-based IT and ITeS company founded in May 2003.

Grmtech develops and maintains its projects in the USA with its associate companies. These projects are from the finance and legal industry in the USA. Grmtech has 2 offices in Kolkata, over 15 medical clinics, and 2 legal offices in California.

We work with Stanford Hospital mental health doctors and psychologists across the USA.

Grmtech does all back office work for Savantcare doctors, like managing patients' appointments, providing doctors assistance on the phone, chat, and email. We also work for OVLG to provide the best legal services in the US. We have a qualified FC team and a CRA team who offer free budget counseling sessions to clients and negotiate with their creditors for settlement.

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  • Website maintenance


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  • Content sharing and engagement. Influencer marketing.
  • Social listening and reputation management.
  • Social media contests and giveaways.


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  • Google Ads.
  • Bing Ads.
  • Display advertising.
  • Social media advertising (e.g., Facebook Ads).


Web Analytics
  • Analyzing website and campaign performance
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  • User behavior analysis


Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile-optimized websites and apps
  • SMS marketing
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Marketing Automation:
  • Email automation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Workflow and campaign automation

The day we all wait for throughout the year, the day of ultimate fun, masti and recognition; is the day when Grmtech was born – Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the foundation day which falls on May19.

Hello Guys! GRMTech just celebrated it’s 12th foundation day on May 19, 2015. And I, Anirban Rudra is here to give you a glimpse of that day through this post. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy just like we have on that day.

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 1 image

One week before the Foundation DayThe preparation for the D-day had already begun almost a week ago. All the employees were equally thrilled and puzzled (this is because we had no idea about the sumptuous menu ready to be gobbled :P). Anyway, the first surprise came from our HR (Anulekha Dutta) when she mentioned the dress code for the grand occasion i.e. Saree for Girls and Kurta Pajama for Boys. A special gift had been arranged for the best dressed Man and Woman which ultimately went to Tanmoy Das and Papri Naskar. Few employees were confused like Madhurima – “Ami to jibon-e saree porini or Eqbal Are mere paas pajama to hai, lekin kurta ab kaha se lauu. I also do not wear Kurta-Pajama but I really liked the idea alongwith others.

19th May, 8:30am -When I entered into the office, the whole atmosphere was different. All were in a happy mood, decorating the office with balloons, flowers and placards. We were supposed to work in the fast 2-3 hours but we were so busy in other things that we forgot to log in our computers. 😛 We were practicing our songs for the program and others were busy in photo session, especially the Girls (Ugh).

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 2 image

Time: 11:26am –  
We were requested by Anulekha Dutta to go to the conference room. The room was filled with mouthwatering aromas of yummy snacks – Spicy Chicken Pakodas and tangy Aam Panna. They were simply the best. Both were awesome. We all got full with pokodas and drinks. It was really a pleasant surprise.

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 3 image

Time: 12:30pm –  
We were gossiping, playing and rehearsing here and there as there was no RULE for that day. Manojit Sir was in a happy mood and he also participated in everything with us. He was cheering and encouraging us in every way.

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 4 image

Time 2:00pm –  
Lunch was finally served and the menu was delicious. We had Masala Kulcha, Paneer butter Masala, Salad, Sahi Pulao, Chicken Rezala, Chutney, Papad, Rasgulla and Gulab Jamun. People were eating like anything including me. Bijoy and Pradip Da were the best performers at the lunch table. We were so full that we could not even walk properly. Thanks Tanmoy Das and Samir Ghosh.

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 5 image

Time 3:30pm –  
We all gathered at the rooftop for the annual day program. The program started with a wonderful speech of our HR. Anulekha Dutta. The cake was like Wow!!!, it was so pretty and tasty (full of butter). We all were full but could not resist to eat more and more.

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 6 image

Time 4:00pm – This was when we all wait throughout the year. It’s the ceremony to award the best employees in respective department.

  • Nandini De got the first award for her exemplary contribution in the content department.
  • Sourav Dhara was awarded for his commendable contribution in the designing department.
  • Anulekha Datta got an award for the best performer in leadership & Management.
  • I (Anirban Rudra) was blessed with an award for my performance in marketing team as well (too happy).
  • We honoured Mr. Manojit Dey for his contribution to the company for the last Ten years too. Congrats Sir!
  • Moynuddin Mondol got the award in the infrastructure department for completing Newtown project successfully.
  • Mulpuri Tulasi Renuka was voted as the best performer in Spalgo Tech department.
  • Tanmoy Jana was acknowledged as the best and consistent performer in the Tech & System Dept
Time 5:00pm –  
The cultural program began with a chorus song, then followed by some superb performances of Saptak, Papri and Samir da. Then there a sweet recitation by Mimi Paul. By the way, she had written the poem on her own. I also tried my voice in the microphone and as per the audience, it was pretty good. Thereafter, we (Anirban Ghosh, Saptak Bhattacharya, Bijoy Barman and me) presented a Shruti Natak, written by our beloved Samir Da.

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 7 image

Time 6:30pm –  
There was a magic show from Suvankar, simply amazing. We were stunned and mesmerized.

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 8 image

Time 7:00pm –  
The day ended at a happy note – all the employees got a company T-shirt.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, it was almost 7 in the evening, so we had to finish up the program finally. A memorable day ends up with some sweet memories that hopefully will help us to work for another 364 days.

Double celebration. Double treat

That was not all. The celebration had just begun. The first leg of celebration was over. Now it was time for the night-shift to savor the taste of ultimate fun. Tasty snacks and dinner were served. The cake cutting ceremony was held too. And as per what I have heard, not a single piece of cake was left. 😛 Great guys!!!

Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 9 image

Best performers in the respective department were awarded with SkyBag backpack and a certificate.


Grmtech 12th Foundation Day 10 image

N.B.: A special thanks to Vikas Sir, Vivek Sir and Rachna Mam for gifting us such a wonderful day. Last but not least, A BIG thanks to Tanmoy da (Our System Administrator), Samir da (Our Facility Manager) and Anulekha Mam (Our HR Manager) for arranging everything so well.