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Manually start asterisk using asterisk user

Generally we configure asterisk to auto run on system start up. There may be situations when we may be required to run asterisk manually like when asterisk is overloaded or when asterisk is down for some maintenance. If so happens, always start asterisk from asterisk user:- #su asterisk #asterisk We should not use any custom […]

Auto update call recording settings to all extensions in asterisk-freepbx

I have 150 extensions in my asterisk-freepbx setup, which are broadly divided into following two classes :- Record Incoming Call On Demand. Record Outgoing Call On Demand Extensions in this class:  8001, 8002, 8003, 8004, 8005 (total 5 in number) Record All Incoming Call. Record All Outgoing Call Extensions in this class:  9001, 9002, … […]