The ISP has a black cable that is the input to the box made by “Mc Mans tel”. Here is a picture showing the manufacturer of the box.


Here is the picture showing the cable flow in and out of the “Mc Mans tel” box


From this black box made by McManstel there are two yellow eth5 cables that come out and go inside the Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch.


Cisco 2950 is a 24 port switch and on the far left of the following picture you will see the two output wires green and grey coming out of the cisco switch and going to my linux servers.


The probpem is:

1. Each port on the cisco 2950 switch is restricted to 512 Kbps of upload. I can get 12 Mbps of upload speed but for that I will need to run 24 parallel connections. I am hoping to get that 12Mbps of upload with just one port of the cisco 2950 switch instead of having to use all the 24 ports.

Wondering what is the solution ?