I liked the “roaming desktop” strategy very much basically for its flexibility.  It allows end-users to access their desktop just as they left it, improving work-flow and maintaining a consistent and familiar working environment.

But this is possible within a server, connected through local area network. Wouldn’t it have been great, if we can access our own personalized (customized) OS settings along with all installed software & personal documents anywhere (i.e. any remote or stand-alone work station).

Thy power is ours now
Thy power is ours now

Linux, being open source, is modified by different programmers and is capable of providing this opportunity (far more flexible than other OS like Windows).

The Bottom Line:
you can install Linux in your USB pen drive (memory stick), which is persistent.

That simply means: you just insert your memory stick to any workstation & start working as if you wold have done at your own work station. Then edit documents, install software and save them to your memory stick. And the next time you boot into any other work station with that stick, you’ll find all your settings, works, software etc are saved.

You can boot to linux using Knopix, ubuntu or any live CD, but they are not persistent as you can’t write back your work etc to the cd. Hence using live USB is more flexible and faster.

To install & operate linux from within your pen drive, you need to have a ubuntu or any other live CD. You may download the ubuntu live CD iso and burn it using Nero or you can simply order free ubuntu live CD. After ordering you’ll get the CD(s) within 6-8 weeks. Shipping is also free…you just need to order. Only problem is time. A span of 6-8 weeks is very long period to me.

You can also install any other version of linux distributions like kubuntu, edubuntu etc. But Knopix & ubuntu are mostly used.

Having my personalized desktop & documents with all the customized applications, I require, in my pocket makes me feel better, homely. 🙂 Very homely.

More over, you’ll not have the fear of being infected by virus when you exchange data with a foreign work station.

How to install:

A descriptive installation process may be found here: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/10/15/ubuntu-810-persistent-flash-drive-install-from-live-cd/ It says about installing ubuntu 8.10 (latest version till now). You can find your favorite distributions also.

You need to have a pen drive 1Gb or more avail this opportunity. And no linux or technical knowledge is required. If you don’t have a pen drive with 1 GB capacity, you may want to take a look at this article.