Now a days Internet has become one of the popular and effective ways of marketing. Every company, big or small, Govt. body, social welfare organizations etc. are creating their web presence by making websites. Individuals are also communicating through various networking sites, maintaining blogs – so internet has become a part and parcel of our life.

The scenario was different even 5 years ago. Creating a website was optional and just a status symbol for the Companies or business houses. But today, it’s a must and companies are generating business and providing customer service through website. For instance, Internet banking is the most preferred and convenient way of banking these days.

Why internet marketing is so challenging?
Although there is no conceptual difference between Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing, but the ways and channels are different. In case of direct marketing, the marketer has the opportunity to meet and apply his skills to the target customer directly; but in internet marketing he can’t see or study his customer. Product / services are thrown on web where millions of competitors are there and it’s really tough to reach the target consumers through web. When a visitor / customer visit your website, half of your job is done. Then the rest depends on your website presentation. Every second counts when a visitor is viewing a site and you have to impress him / her within that time span.

Search Engines have made the job easier.
In case of Off-line marketing, a new product is being introduced into the market through television / newspaper ads, leaflets etc. But have we ever thought that how can a new website be introduced on web? Search Engines like Google, Yahoo MSN, etc. have done the job easier for us. On internet, more than 70% of the visitors satisfy their needs through Search Engines. What Search Engines do is, present the websites in accordance with the Search queries by its visitors. It’s only the quality services that SEs like to rank at the top of its search results. So through a proper presentation and providing reliable services a website can be ranked in the SEs.

Everybody is into marketing today. One has to be dynamic and innovative at his work, otherwise it’s not possible to sustain in this competitive market. The monopoly business days are gone; Government organizations are also competing with private companies to survive the competition. On the other hand, the usage of internet is increasing day by day in the developing countries. So with a smart effort, we can reach to the mass through internet.

Published by Debashis

Debashis Roy- PG diploma in Marketing Management. Working as an Internet Marketer for last 4 years.