There is a strange battle going on between the two groups – Search Engines and Websites. Major Search Engines (SEs), like Google or Yahoo have been very sticky and impartial when ranking a website in their search results. It has to be, because if SEs can’t satisfy its visitors through search results, visitors will just ignore it and use the other one. On the other hand, webmasters have been desperate enough in putting their every effort (sometimes dishonest) to get better rank in SEs. Search Engines are putting their best effort through applying its technological and manual skills to find the top quality websites for presenting before its visitors United States.

Here are few highly effective areas that SEs take into consideration before ranking a website:

    1. Application of modern technology for a better presentation-: It’s very difficult for the SEs to find out a good quality website from the lot of Millions. So it reads different websites through a technical program (technically called ‘bots’) to crawl and index web pages. A website can come into limelight through the following:
      • Site architecture – helps SEs to read pages of websites in a better way, at the same time better orientation of your file system reduces loading time.
      • Better navigation and site map – it helps SEs to reach every corner of a website.
      • Easy url dimension. – If the address of a page is simple, SEs bot can read and index it easily.
    2. Information / service quality – It’s all about the information and top quality service that a visitor always seeks for. So one needs to take care of this. Simultaneously, clear and decent look without unnecessary images etc. put some additional attraction to the website.
  1. Reliability: If today I launch a website, I can’t expect my website to be ranked higher in SEs tomorrow. There must be consistency as far as services on web are concerned. I must create a faith regarding my quality service to SEs, and then only it will present my website in front of visitors.
  2. Support of some good neighborhoods (voters) – It’s an important and considerable factor how many good websites are voting for your site, in other words – Good number of quality back links are very important.
  3. Do visitors like your website? – Here comes another important issue – Visitors / users experience analysis. SEs are judging the quality of a website on the basis of the satisfaction level of a visitor by checking his time spent, average exit percentage etc. of the website. For instance, if a website is ranked at no.3 but the time spent by visitors on the website is more as compared to a website whose ranking is no. 1 has all possibilities of overtaking the website which is currently at no.1.
  4. Forceful promotional activities – These days, manipulations are going on to get good ranking in SEs – this is through some extra promotional activities like, buying links from better websites, unnecessary on-page optimization like keyword stuffing, frequent changes in meta keywords and descriptions etc. SEs don’t like this and sometimes pull down those sites from the top.

Published by Debashis

Debashis Roy- PG diploma in Marketing Management. Working as an Internet Marketer for last 4 years.