As one of the first steps to going public from being a Private Ltd company, we wanted a good BOD. Our CEO Mr.Vkas Kedia had requested Prof Janat Shah, IIM Bengaluru, to join our BOD. He is presently a professor at IIM Bengaluru. He has also been the joint Managing Director at Jaydeep Engineering Ltd and the Production Planning Manager at Gujarat Steel Tubes Ltd. He has written a few papers (and co-written a few) which have been accepted for publication in IIMB Management Review, and International Journal of Production Economics amongst others.

Needless to say, we were skeptical about how we would explain the vast scope of our work
when we were told that Prof. Janat would come to our Kolkata office on June 09th to understand
Grmtech’s work, the different departments, and its people and culture. The different department
heads, with a few team members, explained their departments, their working, and their
aspirations to him. We were pleasantly surprised that so learned and experienced a man was so
down to earth, and asked questions whenever he did not understand anything that we explained.

Though he had come directly from the airport after seeing our Rajarhat site, and it being a long
day of discussions, he took a lively interest in understanding the working of Grmtech. Our work
was new to him, as he had never been associated with this industry before. We were not sure if
he would ultimately decide to be part of our BOD.

It is an achievement and honour for Grmtech that Prof Janat decided to be a part of Grmtech, from July 11th. As our MD rightly pointed out, Grmtech now has double the confidence to take on more challenges, as we have knowledge and approachability combined with a keen interest backing us now.

Thank you Sir for deciding to be a part of us.