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How retina ready technology boosts graphic designing? My experiences…

Have you wondered how to make your images look stunningly cool at your websites? Ever faced a situation when your site doesn’t look so cool when viewing in devices that have Retina display?With the advent of technologies, there have been massive changes in ways technology serves people and the phrase “retina ready” is a burning […]

Sysadmin Department At A Glance

Introducing… The new monitoring system in the Sys Admin Department. Four consecutive monitors with the advance monitoring tools are fully loaded to provide the best monitoring service to the tech team. The monitoring system includes- 1. Smokeping Network Analyzer tool that monitors the VOIP Phones, Workstations, Network Switches and the Internet Sharing Servers and represent […]

Manually start asterisk using asterisk user

Generally we configure asterisk to auto run on system start up. There may be situations when we may be required to run asterisk manually like when asterisk is overloaded or when asterisk is down for some maintenance. If so happens, always start asterisk from asterisk user:- #su asterisk #asterisk We should not use any custom […]

Zabbix configuration at CO office of Grmtech

Zabbix is a distributed monitoring solution to monitor servers and applications of an enterprise. Following are the steps of configuration of Zabbix Server at Grmtech’s CO office monitoring server:- 1. Download zabbix source files. cd /usr/src/ wget tar -xzf /usr/src/zabbix-1.6.2.tar.gz -C /gt/fsrvthis/ 2. Create zabbix database and import the database structure, default templates and […]

New server c1b1 at our Fremont California data center

Due to heavy traffic our old database server is not able to handle the load so we have deployed a new server, its hardware configuration is : 2 Quad core processors: Intel Xeon Quad-Core L5420 2.5GHz 1333MHz 12MB LGA771 CPU 32 GB of RAM (getting upgraded to 64 GB of RAM) 6 TB of Hard […]

WinXP guest os deployment on ESXi or VMware workstation

Steps for fresh Windows XP installation on a Virtual machines. Preparation LSI storage controller drivers are not available on the Windows XP installation CD, so complete the following preparation before installation: 1. Download the LSI 53C1030 drivers from the LSI Web site. 2. Using MagicISO or other third-party solutions, create a .flp image containing the […]

Mysql master-master database replication

Master-Master replication: Two database systems at two different locations can be configured to run in synchronization with each other using Mysql Master-Master replication. Any changes on DB1 at Loc1 can be updated at realtime on DB2 at Loc2 and vice versa using Mysql’s built in replication feature. Following are steps used to setup a Master-Slave […]

DansGuardian virtual appliance on CentOS

Here is a VMware virtual appliance for DansGuardian on CentOS 5.2 The virtual appliance is composed of: * CentOS 5.2 * VMware Tools * Squid 3 * DansGuardian Click on below links to download the virtual appliance. 1. centos-dansguardian-virtualappliance.vmx 2. centos-dansguardian-virtualappliance.vmdk You can use this virtual appliance to do things like: 1. Do phrase matching, […]