Grmtech Overview

Great Media Technologies Pvt Ltd ( popularly known as Grmtech ) was founded by Vivek Kedia in May, 2003. Its a Kolkata based software and web development company operating as empowered and independent teams offering SEO and internet marketing solutions and services to consumers worldwide. We have specific experience and expertise in providing financial solutions.

Unlike many SEO and Internet marketing companies, we manage our in-house projects, build up web communities and use web marketing strategies to promote our products and services. With an active registered user base of more than 307,048 people, our web development services are very popular and an example of a successful web 2.0 company.

We have built a core expertise in developing and nurturing web-communities. These are platforms where people interested in finance related activities share knowledge and information.

Both our community and paid services are highly sought after by people seeking financial help. Community services are run by industry professionals who provide voluntary free consultations and expert advice on questions raised in our 'open-to-all' forums. Paid services are run by certified financial experts working in-house with us.

Grmtech is a Kolkata based STPI unit and runs on 3 principles:

  1. Kaizen philosophy of continuous small improvements in people, process, technology and infrastructure.
  2. Key statistics based management.
  3. Outcomes theory.

Recently Prof. Janat Shah of IIM - Bangalore joined as an independent director of our company.
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