GRMTECH’s 7th Foundation Day

By | May 19, 2009

We celebrated our 7th Foundation day today. We played some fun games and it was a real eventful evening.

Cake 7th Foundation Day Canvas

3 thoughts on “GRMTECH’s 7th Foundation Day

  1. Debarati

    It was a wonderful event and very well organized. I’m glad I got an opportunity to work in this company where fun and work go hand in hand. I wish Grmtech the very best.

  2. Barun

    Wish this foundation day will bring a lot more success, prosperity & glory to the propagative progress of GRMtech!….. all the best!..

  3. ragav

    hmmm nice talent its hard to differentiate from ronan keiting voice or debarati i suppose lol.well best of luck to u guys enjoy ur foundation day and everyday in office

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