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Always wear Helmets while riding a motorcycle

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Falling off a motorbike can cause serious and sometimes fatal head injuries. Wearing a helmet helps to protect one of your vital organs – the brain! Research shows that face and head are mostly affected by such accidents. There are lots of stories of road accidents every now and then regarding people taking big spill on motorcycle without using helmet. Usually the riders end up in a mess. accident

This is about an accident which recently took place with our employees whose negligence could have cost their lives. Our two staff members went to Rajarhat Apartments on Sunday, 5th December for routine check. Debabrata Bhattarcharya and Bablu Mandal were returning and it was totally dark as it was 6.30pm. They were not wearing any helmets and Debabrata was on the driving seat. The accident occurred in the midst of their journey. Debabrata couldn’t see the manhole which was on his way and hence the bike tripped over. They both fell on the road. Debabrata got up and found that there were a lot of bruises on his body but he was more shocked to see his friend Bablu, facing a serious injury. Bablu was found unconscious and was taken to the nearest hospital via Auto Rickshaw with the help of the local people. They reached Seva Hospital near City Centre and found that there was a major internal bleeding on Bablu’s head. He was then transferred to NRS Hospital at Sealdah for a CT Scan. After that he went through an operation and the doctors have advised him a week’s rest at home.

Meanwhile, Grmtech bore all the expenses incurred for the treatment of his staff and now due to God’s grace, he is out of danger and is recovering very fast. Hope this story sends a message to all the readers that they should always wear a helmet and ride safely.